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How Pallywood works and what is shown by the biased media who
How Pallywood works, and what is shown by the biased media who likes the barbaric pallywood people.
This is Titanic all over again.
Let me explain how it is fake: 1 - wrong shoes 2 - wrong weapon 3 - no berettes
Exposed: Pallywood Returns to Gaza
How Pallywood works, and what is shown by the biased media who likes the barbaric pallywood people. | Palestine | Pinterest | Israel, Politics and Media ...
Israhell the face of evil
How Pallywood works, and what is shown by the biased media who likes the barbaric pallywood people. | Palestine | Pinterest | Israel, Politics and Media ...
In 2012, BBC correspondent Jon Donnison tweeted this:
Thankfully we have sites like Israellycool who do the job we wish the international media would do…
UPDATE: BBC and CNN React to Pallywood Video Footage
Calling out the Pallywood machine... They have so much in common with Democrats it's crazy ...
Top Five Media Fails of the Gaza War
#Christians #Jews #Armenians
I pray my husband never stops showing me how much he still loves me
Cartoon attacking the distorted media coverage of the "stabbing intifada" in 2015-16.
PALLYWOOD Lethal Media in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
David & Goliath: The explosive inside story of media bias in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Shraga Simmons: 9780984039807: Amazon.com: Books
David & Goliath: The explosive inside story of media bias in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Shraga Simmons: 9780984039807: Amazon.com: Books
Palestine art Brandeis
Pallywood - Media Jihad
Cruel Pallywood: Hamas Health Ministry withdraws claim Israeli tear gas killed baby
More on the media bias and hypocrisy of the Hamas border (and media) offensive against Israel. UPDATE 10 April 2018: Now confirmed that the dead 'Press' man ...
A BBC headline that ran after Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Banita were stabbed in the
Pallywood - Media Jihad
We'll debate the morality of that decision with one of the charities involved - and a Trump supporter.”
BBC ...
For the demonization of Israel is a derangement that has gripped the media and intelligentsia in Britain, Europe and America.
Top 5 Media Fails: The Media War Hall of Shame
On This Day: Al-Dura and the Advent of Pallywood
(Image: Carlos Latuff)
Obama (Media Bias)
The other photos in the series show that there is no danger anyway, as the group passes by other people having what appears to be a picnic who have no fear ...
EXPOSED: Photographer Reveals Market, Not Truth, Behind Conflict Images
... other reviews of “We are British Jews” I'll just dash off my initial response. It might be a rant. Oh, and before I do that, Google came up with this.
The Israelis, who hold themselves and are held to exceptional standards, know where every bomb goes, and can give maps and legal accountings for their every ...
Samantha Power speaks at her confirmation hearing
WATCH: Pallywood Blood Libel: The Case of the Man With Down Syndrome
Three running men carrying papers with the labels "Humbug News", "Fake News
May G-d bless Israel and protect them from terror! The double standards are amazing and so very sad.
Are US news agencies biased against Palestine?
Exposed: Pallywood Returns to Gaza
Dam Busted Pt. 2: More Dam Lies
Still in pre-shoot production stage;
The media dutifully reported the Hamas line, suggesting that Israel was to blame for the violence against “protesters.”
Politicians start wars optimistic about their prospects of gaining from combat, Geoffrey Blainey notes in his masterly study, The Causes of War; otherwise, ...
Asher Schwartz, Jewish Press.com. Arabs commit dozens of violent attacks in Israel each month. Most go unreported.
The role of the monopoly media is to facilitate the disinformation of the state. The New York Times, Washington Post as well as the Globe and Mail played a ...
This is but one example of how wire agency photographers resort to using camera angles and staging techniques to present a distorted (and worse) picture of ...
Pallywood and Hamas producer snapped in purple shirt
I will be hosting and moderating this symposium/debate in Jerusalem tonight at 7:30 PM.
10 April UPDATE: My suspicions proved correct. The 'Press' man was a Hamas Officer flying drones over Israeli positions.
An ad printed in the Haaretz daily newspaper on January 19, 2015, reads:
Coercion or censorship
WATCH: Pallywood: Rioters Caught Hamming It Up For The Cameras
Hooray for Pallywood! Hamas to Release First Feature Film
These ...
Also, a widespread fear that some of the people involved might engage in legal procedure almost at will.
Deliberate misinformation powered by social media has shown itself to be the most effective weapon of war and a powerful tool in the dissemination of what ...
Israellycool Exposes Pallywood Incident
Pallywood is manna-mania for anti-Israel Western media/activist industry, 'Shirley Temper' now it's poster child…
The stringers have the added problem of photomanipulation and fake news of what has been dubbed "Pallywood." Many of the photographs allegedly depicting ...
Infographic How to spot fake news published by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
Fox News has issued a statement on the full-page ad that a coalition of several hundred rabbis took out in Thursday's Wall Street Journal.
Selective reporting
As the Arab media will not print non-anti-Israel material, they do not correct miscaptions. When Reuters or AP use these photos and send them to the rest of ...
This is why I doubt the Arab world will do more than media events and some limited terrorism.
Michael Oren on Wolf Blitzer's CNN show yesterday, from Gus's twitter feed
Don't trust time magazines false rhetoric. Here are the real facts.
Media should stop whitewashing Ahed Tamimi's terror-supporting family
Mainstream Media Parrots Latest Pallywood Water Libel Mainstream Media Parrots Latest Pallywood Water Libel
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The 2013 World Press Photo of the year by Paul Hansen (photo credit: AP
Sometimes a perfectly clean item (a shoe, a wedding dress, etc) will be placed in the middle of nondescript rubble and dirt to suggest non-existant victims.
Knowingly distorting the truth is another. An example of this is "Pallywood," the staging of scenes for news cameras.
... penetrate israel's boarders now that their dumb rockets and expensive terror tunnel methods have been neutralized.
behind the factory 1
Mainstream Media Parrots Latest Pallywood Water Libel ...
Nazi Pallywood 1938 And Fake Italian Charity Workers
Caught In The Act! Pallywood Undone By Behind The Scenes Footage
Fitting her into the scene:
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a nonprofit press monitoring and analysis organization, would probably dispute Sallah's claim.
... but I'd drop my phone if I'd been shot and fallen to the ground….especially if I'd been shot not once but three times, apparently. Having said that her ...
Are we to believe that Egypt hasn't noticed the carnage in Syria and Iraq., not to forget the military dictatorship and suppression of the Muslim ...
Adam Levick, managing editor of the media watchdog CiF Watch, scours Britain's Guardian newspaper for signs of anti-Israel bias (courtesy of Adam Levick)