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Is Gabriel Agreste Hawkmoth Inside the Fan Theories of MLB
Gabriel Agreste isn't Hawkmoth, but.
... pretty obvious Dsbfjfkjfjkf. Adrien's father is hawkmoth ! Dnjkdnjkn
Is Gabriel Agreste Hawkmoth? Inside the Fan Theories of MLB –
As u see in this picture (from
Gabriel Agreste & The Peacock alternate theory
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Hair color??
Is Gabriel Agreste Hawkmoth?
Gabriel Agreste isn't Hawkmoth, but.
Hawkmoth has a photo of our dear Mrs. Agreste. Wouldn't that kill this all off? Probably.
Idk about u guys but as we know, Gabriel Agreste wears a VERY thick red and white striped tie, and from that picture above, it looks like the miraculous ...
Ladybug and chat peacock and hawkmoth theory
This is why Gabriel is so interested in the miraculouses. Mrs. Agreste isn't dead, she just disappeared. Gabriel is studying more about the miraculouses to ...
Noticia de ultimo momento, Gabriel Agreste no es Hawk Moth es el Conejo de Pascua
The most popular of them tell us that the Gabriel Agreste, Adrien's father is Hawky.
(also looks frighteningly like Hawkmoth... but in ways strangely no.... Gabriel Agreste ...
Ladybug facial structures deux.
[THEORY] Hawk Moth suspects Marinette is Ladybug | Miraculous Amino
Omg love and so relatable
If you at least didn't find out Gabriel Agreste was Hawkmoth in this episode then you're just as bad as Marinette and Adrien figuring out each other's ...
Remember how Adrien said in origins his father didn't have a sense of humor, well he has a little bit; he made a joke about being the Easter Bunny.
Even in the Latin/ Spanish voice actor BOTH VOICES Gabriel Agreste and Hawkmoth!
Le Papilion (Gabriel Agreste) || Miraculous Ladybug
Proof that Hawkmoth is Gabriel Agreste
Gabriel Agreste is the peacock and mama Agreste, because this theory is way better than "Gabriel is hawkmoth" theories
Miraculous Ladybug theory: Gabriel Agreste is Papillon/Hawkmoth??? - YouTube
Gabriel Agreste is Troy Bolton.... Or should I say ZAC EFRON?
Miraculous Ladybug S2 - Hawk Moth Revealed as Mr. Agreste
by findo
So, why does he have a book of Miraculouses in his safe and why does he have a peacock miraculous along with it? Why is he so interested in Ladybug, ...
Queen's Battle
Sto morendo! Ahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahagagahagagaahahahahahahahag!
Gabriel Agreste, Hawk Moth and The Collector
Is Gabriel Agreste Hawkmoth? I think this is a more likely theory. Now I will present some evidence for his benefit:
Emilie Agreste is in the basement? Same window! MIRACULOUS LADYBUG Theory Part 2
Nino Lahiffe
What is Hawkmoth hiding in the basement? MIRACULOUS LADYBUG Theory
But he is not HAWKMOTH!!! Go and visit MeliZbeauty's youtube chanel! She has a lot of theory's about miraculous ladybug. And she proved that Gabriel is not ...
Hawkmoth - Gabriel
In Frightningale, we know that Gabriel Agreste is helping Clara Nightingale with her music video about Ladybug and Chat Noir. Gabriel offers her his help by ...
Most worry about this from the widely held belief that Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth.
Even in the Latin/ Spanish voice actor BOTH VOICES Gabriel Agreste and Hawkmoth!
3)The book in the beginning of the origins episode is the same one that Adrien found in his father's secret safe.
All I Want is || Gabriel Agreste || amv [+101]
Parte 7
Miraculous Ladybug: Who really is the peacock holder? (S2 SPECULATION) | Cartoon Amino
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Going by this logic and Gabriel's potential motive for helping Clara, Gabriel might be able to link up the dots and figure out her identity. In order to ...
Miraculous ladybug diferencias Adrien y Gabriel agreste
Hawkmoth Dragon
Nathalie Sancoeur
Facial structure of Marinette.
AND we know that Gabriel Agreste has the peacock miraculous in his safe in front of a picture of Adrien's mom:
Miraculous Ladybug: Who really is the peacock holder? (S2 SPECULATION) | Cartoon Amino
MLBnCN: Turtle and Peacock by loveHinaSasu ...
He's isolated from everyone, almost kept from even going to school by his Father, Gabriel Agreste(aka…Hawkmoth and the main villain so far of this story).
Is Gabriel Agreste and Hawk Moth the same person? | Miraculous Ladybug Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
3. Gabriel ...
Yet, I still have hope for a plot twist, as I think the villain being one of the protagonists' own father is way too cliché.
Maybe Hawk Moth's akumatized victims can stay with their power although he is ...
Comic - Miraculous Ladybug - Ladybug - Adrien - Gabriel Agreste - Hawk Moth
Quick sketch of Gabriel Agreste, on the grumpy side as usual Also, Gabriel has ridiculously large eyes, as I realized when I was looking for a reference ...
Bueno eso fue todas mis teoría de hawk moth
Is Adrien unknowingly HELPING Hawkmoth? MIRACULOUS LADYBUG Theory
Reparem bem também no rosto dos dois, o formato os olhos e o tom de pele
Gabriel Agreste Hawkmoth Peacock Ladybug and Chat Noir
TB Plagg dancing
#gabrielagreste Stories - Wattpad
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... #reverser #marc #alya #volpina #adrien #adrienagreste #marinette #adrienette #ladynoir #hawkmoth emilieagreste pic.twitter.com/AgrjRJkJAZ
If you want to see or talk about who your OTP is, go ahead and check the link out here. I'm a MariChat girl and have been waiting FOREVER for the ...
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In episode 23, Simon Says, the villain, Simon Says, is after Mr
Gabriel Agreste in Hawkmoth lair
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... a few posts disproving Hawkmoth being Gabriel Agreste. So, I want to explore the options through the characters known so far. Below is all the named ...
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his maid [ adrinette ] oleh Alya-sama
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the only way to explain how Adrien *magically* appeared next to Marinette's locker is to assume that he was hiding in the one next to it. waiting.
Miraculous Ladybug · How Hawkmoth Will Make Adrien DISAPPEAR! (Hawkmoth's Basement Theory)
Imagine the drama with brand logo
... #marinette #tikki #chatnoir #catnoir #plagg #plaga #adrien #adrienagreste #agreste #emilieagreste #gabrielagreste #hawkmoth #ladrien #ladynoir #marichat ...
TB Stinky Cheese
... Telepathy during his Intro Speach or is it simply for Dramatic Effect every time he talks about Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculous.
All will be alright, my little kitty ~ " ༺═───
TOTALLY not hawkmoth